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Fri, 11/09/2015

Indigenous peoples in southern Philippines are facing spate of killings and violence in the hands of military and paramilitary groups due to their unyielding resistance against the encroachment of their ancestral lands by big transnational mining companies and corporate plantations.

Fri, 03/07/2015

The search for justice for the murdered Calago couple continues

Wed, 17/06/2015

The murder of Rosalie adds up to the increasing and intensifying attacks against health workers who are critical of government programs and policies and choose to serve the poor and the marginalized population

Mon, 15/06/2015

TWHA Philippine partners held protests to condemn privatization of health care services

Wed, 10/06/2015

Gabriela asserts that the no home-birth policy of the national government will not solve the high maternal mortality rate in the Philippines rather it will compound the long festering problem of lack of basic health services and facilities in the country.

Wed, 15/04/2015

TWHA Philippine partners launched a book that discusses the impacts of privatization on people's access to health.

Fri, 10/04/2015

The number of Filipinos who are calling for their president's resignation due to incompetent governance and callous indifference to their suffering is steadily increasing.