16 June 2016
With this report we want to take you along on that roller coaster. It's our way of thanking you for your support and to motivate you to do more.
19 April 2016
Big words are trending in policy debates. 'Universal access to Health Care': what does it even mean? TWHA launches its new dossier to determine what is essential to achieve the universal right to health.
07 April 2016
Can you find the 10 differences? Cuba and the Philippines: two developing countries, but a big disparity in their health system.How can this be possible? Discover the alternative in our newest video.
01 March 2016
Palestinian health activist, tour guide and youth organizer Daoud al-Ghoul was sentenced to 18 months in prison last february. An Israeli court convicted him of membership in a prohibited organization. This article is republished with permission from David Cronin, associate editor of the The Electronic Intifadah.
courtecy: Daoud al-Ghoul outside a Palestinian home taken over by Israeli settlers in the Old City of Jerusalem Oct 2013