20 December 2016
The People’s Health Movement pays tribute to Fidel Castro, a historic figure who has been the primary architect of a social project that has proven that the right to health can be largely achieved even in a resource-poor country, and that it is largely dependent on political will.
07 November 2016
Filipinos suffer from dismal access to health services. According to the Philippine government, access to health care in the Philippines has made significant steps forward through its policies that combines the expansion of the social health insurance with the augmentation of Public Private Partnerships. In this paper, we will examine whether the narrative holds true in practice in the Philippines.
06 July 2016
Hopes are high for the new Duterte administration to push for genuine change.
16 June 2016
With this report we want to take you along on that roller coaster. It's our way of thanking you for your support and to motivate you to do more.