03 February 2016
Wim De Ceukelaire has just returned from Bangkok. The TWHA director went there to join a People's Health Movement meeting. A world health organization, for people, not for the healthcare industry. That calls for a cup of coffee.
PHM meeting Jan 2016 Bangkok
27 January 2016
TWHA-activist Julie Steendam attends the executive board meeting of the Word Health Organisation. The WHO - a UN-organisation - is the most important health institute of the world. TWHA is an active member of the People's Health Movement. What's new in Geneva? Julie reports.
PHM activist in Geneva preparing WHO meeting
22 December 2015
Sonny Africa, a progressive economist, director at TWHA partner IBON in the Philippines, wrote an article about an 'alternative WTO' which is summarized below.
The Bandung conference
14 December 2015
As the biggest trade area in the world, the European Union has a strong interest in the markets of developing countries. They announce that free trade agreements are win-win situations for both parties, but is this assumption correct?