14 December 2015
As the biggest trade area in the world, the European Union has a strong interest in the markets of developing countries. They announce that free trade agreements are win-win situations for both parties, but is this assumption correct?
11 December 2015
On December 10th 2015 the platform Stop the Killings awarded the Lumad organisations of Mindanao, in the Southern Phillipines, with a human rights prize. They pay a high prize for their struggle against international mining and agricultural businesses operating in the region.
19 November 2015
In early November 2015, the Israeli army assaulted a health center in the Palestinian town of Hebron, run by HWC, one of our partner organizations. Soldiers entered and threatened the nurses. Children and women were intimated.
18 November 2015
Linda Mashingaidze-Shuro from South Africa is coordinator for the People's Health Movement. Africa is her working 'region'. She explains in this video why we must fight for 'Social Protection', the name of a two year campaign in Belgium.