05 October 2015
To visit a hospital or a health centre in the DR Congo is always a gripping experience: image different zones erected in big halls, joined together by a long covered corridors, clothing strewn about, women with sick young children standing around steaming casseroles...
16 June 2015
United for health, what does this mean? In this humorous animation, we explain what we stand for.
11 June 2015
The TWHA 2014 annual report summarizes the past year’s highlights. 365 days of hard work rolled into 28 pages.
13 March 2015
It is exactly six months now that a ceasefire put an end to 51 days of war in the Gaza Strip. I am sitting with Jabber Wishah in his garden, a few kilometers south of Gaza City. We are watching the stars in the sky as we talk. “The main problem is normalization”, Jabber sighs, “people are starting to regard the situation here in Gaza as normal. Both you Europeans and the people in Gaza themselves.”