TWHA is now Viva Salud!
TWHA is one of the founding members of the Geneva Global Health Hub. This initiative is pooling resources to make health organizations' advocacy more effective in Geneva. 
It is exactly six months now that a ceasefire put an end to 51 days of war in the Gaza Strip. I am sitting with Jabber Wishah in his garden, a few kilometers south of Gaza City.

The PHM solidarity mission in Gaza met on March 1st with the Palestinian Non Governmental Organisation Network (PNGO), an umbrella organisation that includes more than 130 NGOs in the West Bank and


Chiara Bodini (Italy) and Wim De Ceukelaire (Belgium) are on a PHM solidarity mission in Gaza and were received by Dr. Mahmoud Daher, head of the WHO Gaza office.

Professor Mads Gilbert is a Norwegian emergency physician who gained international fame for his support to the Palestinian people.
No global village has replaced power relations
TWHA presents: "Empowerment: United for Health", a leaflet on the experiences of TWHA on Empowerment in the South and on our strategy for the right to health.

Une lettre ouverte signée par 110 organisations provenant de 40 pays, dont Médecine pour le Tiers Monde, a été présentée au Dr Kim pour demander à la Banque mondiale d’aider les populations,


Zestien oktober is Wereldvoedseldag. Voor arme boeren in het Zuiden is het een wereldhongerdag. Een miljard mensen leeft met honger en de meerderheid van hen zijn arme boeren.


We waren met ons G3W team in Cape Town, Zuid-Afrika, voor de People’s Health Assembly. Ook onze partners uit de Filippijnen, Palestina, de DR Congo en Latijns-Amerika waren er.

Financing, political will, but mostly pressure from below
Which role for governments and civil society in addressing health inequity?
Stressing the link between sovereignty and public health