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Fri, 13/12/2019

Human rights defenders in the Philippines under attack.

Fri, 22/11/2019

On December 3, 3000 NIGHTS will be shown in Hoeilaart. The 2015 film is about the impact of the violent occupation of Palestine by Israel, which is now dragging on for almost a lifetime. Film maker Mai Masri (1959) received numerous international prizes for her work. The proceeds from ticket sales go entirely to health projects for the Palestinian population supported by Viva Salud.

Sun, 17/11/2019

Ubai Aboudi, US citizen, and director of our Palestinian partner Bisan Center for Research and Development was arrested Wednesday, November 13 at 3 am by the occupation forces.

Wed, 18/09/2019

What's the link between the occupation of a hospital in Colombia, a popular health committee in DR Congo and a South African patient movement that advocates for access to medicines? To address this question, Viva Salud participated in a four-year action-research led by the People's Health Movement, that helped to understand how to make activist practice more effective and build a global social movement for health for all.

Tue, 30/07/2019

The government must go beyond health insurance program and strive to achieve the people’s aspiration for a free, comprehensive and progressive health care system.

Thu, 02/05/2019

Blog by Aneta, member of intal

4th People’s Health Assembly (PHA4) – a gathering of 1400 grass roots health activists, civil society organizations and academic institutions from around 73 countries took place in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh in November last year. Intal Globalize Solidarity and Viva Salud were actively present there.

Wed, 26/12/2018

Gatherings, be it informal or academic, on global health always seem to have the weird undertone of outright optimism and slumbering scepticism. In this blog, I share my reflections after attending  the Global Symposium on Health System Research in Liverpool and the People's Health Assembly in Bangladesh.

De inkomhal van het PHA gebouw in Bangladesh is versierd met slogans.