Third World Health Aid supports partners in the South. But an equally important task is to exert pressure on our own politicians when it comes to certain subjects that have a direct or indirect impact on the living and working conditions of people in the South.

Embargo: No military relationships with Israel

Belgium still has numerous relationships with the military and security industries in Israel. Israeli defense companies get millions of euros of investment funds for joint projects with European companies and institutions, among them a number of Belgian universities. Through this campaign we demand an arms embargo.

Free trade agreements: free for whom?

Through this campaign, we urge Belgian members of parliament not to ratify the free trade agreement the European Commission has set up with Colombia and Peru. This agreement will have a negative impact on the right to health, social rights, the environment and food sovereignty for Colombians and Peruvians.

Stop the Killings

Stop the Killings is a human rights campaign lead by trade unions and non-governmental organizations in which TWHA is also actively participating. Through information and action we draw attention to the repression organizations like TWHA in the South are facing.