Emergency aid

In times of need people look to their local networks and organizations for support.  But natural disasters, armed conflicts and other special circumstances put immense pressure on local relief efforts. In emergency situations TWHA reinforces the local structures as local organizations are the ones best placed to act according to the needs of the population — both on short and long term.

In some cases, our partners themselves take the initiative to help the local population rebuild their lives. In our position as partner, we support their efforts and swiftly launch a concrete call for action. This strategy has helped the Union of Health Work Committees, our Gaza partner, for example, treat the wounded from military aggression with our support.

In other cases, events take place in countries or regions where we have no direct partners. We then look for local organizations by applying the same standards that we do throughout our network. In some cases it might not always be possible to instantly present a well-defined project. We prefer to take our time to investigate how we can help the local population best in complex situations.

In Haiti, for instance, we have no partner organizations of our own. In the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake however, we were able to offer our support through the Cuban missions in the area.

Our permanent “emergency fund” allows us to respond flexibly to emergency situations: quickly, whenever possible, and in a more cautious manner when we have to. If not all collected funds can be used for a particular emergency situation, TWHA will use them for other emergencies. Not all disasters get the same amount of media attention, many of them go on “silently”.

Our emergency fund allows us to support local organizations firmly rooted in local society, organizations with long term visions that don’t disappear after a couple of months. Our worldwide network helps us identify such initiatives in virtually every situation. In emergency situations, we use a case by case approach to determine what the best strategy to offer our support is.

>> You can support the emergency fund by making a donation to TWHA (bank account BE15 0010 4517 8030 – BIC: GEBABEBB) with reference “donation emergency fund”. You will find all details on the actual operations we support on this website.