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All our health committees consist of local volunteers. Together they work towards solutions to their problems.

Etoile du Sud (EDS) is an NGO supporting a network of health committees in various Congolese provinces. These committees organize the population, offer health education, do prevention work and tackle health issues in the environment of neighborhoods. Step by step, the population organizes itself to make their demands known and to make sure their problems get the attention they deserve.

Expanding and reinforcing the network

Etoile du Sud began in 2004 in Masina, Kimbanseke, Ndjili…, the densely populated towns bordering the capital, Kinshasa. In 2008, EDS set up an an operation in Lubumbashi through a partnership with Usahidizi , a youth organization. Later, in 2009, EDS established contact in North and South Kivu with Codik, a farmers organization, to get things started in that area. Both provinces now have active EDS antennas and there are also regional contacts in other areas of the country.

Organizing and mobilizing

EDS organizes the population so it can get involved in combatting the health and social problems that prevent a dignified existence for the people. Health committees organize people according to their needs and talents. The young get involved in awareness raising through plays, “maman’s” lead programs on malnutrition and home cleanliness, a brigade comes to collect the garbage every week, etc…

Etoile du Sud (EDS) | Congo | Viva Salud


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