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Your donation will help our partners realize their goals.

Want to support TWHA financially? All donations are welcome. They help our partners realize their goals.
You can make a donation to account number BE15 0010 4517 8030 (BIC: GEBABEBB) of Third World Health Aid mentioning “donation TWHA”. Donations of 40 euro or more per year qualify for a tax certificate.

What do our partners do with your support?
  • The cost of training a Philippine health worker in herbal medicine is 20 euro per month. Syrups, ointments and oils are made from local plants and can offer relief from the initial complaints for many villagers. It is a good alternative to medication that is often unaffordable.
  • The cost of providing a local health committee in Palestine with a fully equipped First Aid kit is 50 euro.
  • The monthly salary of our Congolese partner’s coordinator is 80 euro. Through this one salary, we reach 12.000 people in Kinshasa’s poorest neighborhoods. The coordinator trains local people and neighborhood monitors on a number of preventive measures and helps to set up neighborhood-led initiatives such as garbage collection.

Full bank details: IBAN: BE15 0010 4517 8030    BIC: GEBABEBB