Manual "Building a Movement" - Case studies

TWHA and the People's Health Movement (PHM) developed an interactive manual on Movement Building. You can find the manual here

Get access to the case studies from all over the world: 

  • 1. Latin-America: Report from the collective coordination of Latin America
  • 2. Argentina_1: Red Jarilla de plantas saludables de la patagonia (Spanish)
  • 3. Argentina_2: Plantas saludables y salud comunitaria en escuela para adultos (Spanish) 
  • 4. Argentina_3: El movimiento de salud popular "Laicrimpo Salud" (Spanish)
  • 5. Bolivia: Reflexiones sobre el activismo, cabildeo y la abogacía por el derecho a la salud (Spanish)
  • 6. Brazil: The green area of morro da policia
  • 8. Nicaragua: Case of rancho grande
  • 9. Canada_1: Challenging food poverty in Ontario 
  • 10. Canada_2: Mini IPHU on racism and health care
  • 11. USA: Vermont's healthcare is a human rights campaign
  • 12. Belgium_1: Expérience de la campagne 'save the climate, stop free trade" (French)
  • 13. Belgium_2: A participative action approach of working conditions in a public transport company
  • 14. Belgium_3: Aux origines de la plate-forme d'action santé et solidarité
  • 15. Italy: Action-research on social movements and health (Italian)
  • 16. Scotland: Building synergies, building bridges: the growth of PHM Scotland
  • 17. Cameroun: Mise en place et fonctionnement du PHM Cameroun (French)
  • 18. Kenya: Contribution from PHM Kenya
  • 20. Tanzania: Contribution from PHM Tanzania
  • 21. Uganda: Contribution from PHM Uganda
  • 22. Palestine: Le mouvement juvénile palestinien, soudain du printemps à l'automne
  • 23. India: People's Health Assembly (PHA) mobilisation in India
  • 24. Australia_1: Revitalizing health for all: international indigenous representative group
  • 25. Australia_2: People's Health Movement (PHM-OZ)
Manual "Building a Movement" - Case studies | Viva Salud


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