Israeli army threatening health centers

In early November 2015, the Israeli army assaulted a health center in the Palestinian town of Hebron, run by HWC, one of our partner organizations. Soldiers entered and threatened the nurses. Children and women were intimated.
Health center closed by force. Patients and staff arrested.

Dr. Murad Daoud, a doctor at the health center, said the soldiers asked him to close the facility. This center is the only one in the wider area where people can get treatment. He refused: “We disobeyed their orders, told them we only provide humanitarian services and intend to keep doing so.” The soldiers shut down the center by force anyway and kept staff and patients locked up for a while. They went on to diffuse toxic gas in the area causing general panic. The medical staff helped their patients exit the center safely. The soldiers remained on site, occupying rooftops of several buildings in the area and set up a military observation point.

Health Work Committees (HWC) denounces the sytematic attacks on the Hebron health center by the Israeli military. HWC continues its activities and wants to keep guaranteeing health care for all.


Other hospitals

In recent weeks, other hospitals have also been threatened, like the al-Makassed Hospital in East-Jerusalem. This is but one incident in an escalation of violence on behalf of the Israeli government. Palestinian youngsters are particularly being targeted in this conflict, but they are also the generation resisting and taking to the streets to protest against their lawless situation.

HWC urges the international community, international human rights organizations and health organizations to intervene and prevent further attacks on this and other health centers and to put a hold on the intimidation of medical staff in these facilities. It is now the second time in less than a week the center has been targeted.


HWC launches an international appeal demanding

  1. urgent need of protection of the health centers and their staff from Israeli attacks. These attacks are to be interpreted as war crimes, with their perpetrators to be held accountable;
  2. the World Health Organization and all relevant institutions to take immediate action against the Israeli government to make them stop these activities;
  3. international and local human rights organizations to file cases at the International Court of Justice;
  4. the health center staff to be allowed to carry out their work without impediment;
  5. and the media to continue documenting these violations and publishing them to a global audience.
Israeli army threatening health centers | Viva Salud


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