VIDEO - Health care in Cuba, the Philippines and Belgium - a world of difference

Can health be a source of profit? We invited a Filipina and a Cuban health worker to talk about health care in their own country. In this road movie, they walk through Brussels and meet committed young people.
Only those who have money have access to the best health care in the Philippines. – Katharina, Philippines



Health care in Cuba and the Philippines: what are the differences?

We've asked this question two years ago. The result was this short documentary, which was watched more than 14,000 times worldwide.

In this new video, we compare the health situation in the two countries. It becomes clear that health is determined by many factors. Health policy plays an important role in this. Where the government fails, communities rise up to help each other. The search for profit, on the other hand, leads to exclusion.


"It's not okay to get rich from something that is a right".


In March 2018, we added a new chapter to this story. We invited two guests for a two-week tour in Belgium: the Cuban doctor Aissa Naranjo and the Filipino Community organizer Katharina Berza, from our Philippine partner Council for Health and Development (CHD). In this video, they share the insights they gained from their meetings with doctors of Médecine pour le peuple/Geneeskunde voor het Volk, ULB students and youth from the political movement RedFox in Liège and Brussels.


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