06 February 2015
In the aftermath of the Gaza war of July 2014, Physicians for Human Rights Israel undertook a fact finding mission (FFM) in Gaza. Eight independent medical experts undertook three missions between August and November. They interviewed victims and spoke to doctors and paramedics. They present their findings in a report. Dr Louis Reynolds, a retired paediatrician living in South Africa and member of the People's Health Movement, was one of the experts. We talked with him on his experiences during his visit to Gaza and the works of the FFM.
04 February 2015
A secret discussion note for the Trade in Service Agreement (TISA) – leaked today by Associated Whistle-Blowing Press- uncovers that negotiators discuss reforms to the national health care systems in favour of international trade and the commercialisation of health care. This proposal, made by Turkey, has been discussed by the member states of the EU during the TISA negotiations that took place in Geneva in September 2014. We received the text through Public Services International.
12 January 2015
"Advocates for Community Health", a partner of TWHA in the Philippines was confronted with a very difficult situation in a region where the army and armed forces were inflicting terror. Advocates managed to mobilize the people through a program on health. Not through a regular medical program, but through a program on mental health. Doctor Marites, president of Advocates, was recently in Brussels. She tells us all about her experience.
10 December 2014
Brussels, December 9. On the eve of international human rights day, 200 people gathered in Brussels to show their support to activists in the South. The Stop the Killings platform held a discrete torch vigil, followed by a human rights award ceremony in the Brussels Beursschouwburg.


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