21 October 2014
At the first Global Trade in Services Forum, in Geneva on 17th October 2014, leading experts and over 140 representatives from trade unions, civil society and governments, expressed their concerns about the new Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). The so-called "really good friends of services", including all EU-countries, hold secret negotiations that are dominated by corporate interests and could therefore better be called "the really good friends of transnational corporations".
picture: Public Services International
19 September 2014
In a letter sent to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, Palestinian civil society organisations have called the EU to suspend its Association Agreement with Israel.
20 August 2014
In September, Europe will return to the negotiating table to discuss a far-reaching trade and investment agreement on services, called ‘TISA’. By further opening up the health sector to private investments, health inequalities will be exacerbated in both Western and developing countries.
30 July 2014
Professor Mads Gilbert is a Norwegian emergency physician who gained international fame for his support to the Palestinian people. From the Al-Shifa hospital in besieged Gaza, he challenged Obama to spend one night in the hospital during the murderous Israeli bombing campaign. After two weeks working in the war zone, he left Gaza last Monday. On the way back home, he made a stopover in Brussels to testify about his experience.


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