29 July 2014
In developing countries Europe prioritises the privatisation of services, even if this agenda enhances inequalities in access to health care. Europe promotes minimal or no binding regulation for multinationals, which can have harmful consequences on health and the environment. Instead of directing its policy towards commercial interests, the European development cooperation should prioritise health.
foto: Corporate Europe Observatory
17 June 2014
Today, in the Philippines, 28 women out of 100 do not enjoy skilled attendance during delivery, a situation showing a glaring lack of access to healthcare. While in Belgium each year 8 mothers die of pregnancy-related causes, in the Philippines 8 mothers die every day. Every day 194 children under five years die in the Philippines, compared to one child per day in Belgium. Especially the poorest of the poor die without ever having seen a doctor.
23 May 2014
TWHA is a member of the People's Health Movement and subscribes to this press statement in response to the speech by Melinda Gates at the World Health Assembly. The People's Health Movement is "WHO-watching" during the meetings of the World Health Organisation and represents the voice of the civil society.
 Russell Watkins
15 March 2014
No global village has replaced power relations


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