Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2): Influencing decision making on global health issues

TWHA is one of the founding members of the Geneva Global Health Hub. This initiative is pooling resources to make health organizations' advocacy more effective in Geneva. 

The presence of many United Nations agencies, including the headquarters of the World Health Organisation (WHO), have turned Geneva into one of the key cities for global health advocacy. Third World Health Aid's staff and volunteers have already participated in several activities in Geneva in the past few years, often together with activists from the People's Health Movement (PHM). 

The semi-annual WHO Watch, for example, brings a number of health activists to Geneva to present the people's perspective on important health issues to the delegates of the World Health Assembly of other important WHO meetings. As corporate lobbyists usually turn out in great numbers, it is very important for activists to be present when and where important issues with tremendous impact on people's health are being discussed. 

Geneva is a very expensive city though and there are so many events going on. Therefore a number of civil society organizations have pooled resources in the Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2). The G2H2 has a small secretariat to monitor relevant activities in Geneva and to communicate with the member organizations. It will assist members and other activists who attend workshops, meetings or conferences in Geneva and allow those that are not physically present to remain up to date. 

We were present at the founding assembly of the G2H2 last May 2016 and decided to become a founding member. For a relatively small organization as ours, it is only through collaborative initiatives like the G2H2 that we can contribute to giving the people a voice in the corridors of power and to influence decision making in matters related to the right to health. 

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