Partners in the South

  • Gabriela is an umbrella organization consisting of several women’s organizations that provide trainings focusing heavily on gender and the right to health.
  • CHD (Council for Health and Development) is an organization that operates in poor communities of Manila and a number of other provinces. They aim to organize the population through trainings on basic health.
  • IBON Foundation is an alternative documentation and research center.
  • Advocates for Community Health operates in remote areas of the Philippines where malaria is still heavily present and offers trainings to farmers to help them detect and prevent malaria.

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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we work with the NGO Etoile du Sud (EDS) and with the Collectif de Développement Intégré au Congo (CODIC).

  • EDS is an NGO supporting a network of health committees in different Congolese provinces.
  • CODIC is a platform that allows development organizations to share their experiences. It is a network of 750 organizations operating in 5 of the Congo’s provinces.

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In Palestine, our partners are Health Work Committees (HWC) and Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC).

  • HWC is one of the major health organizations in the occupied Palestinian territories. TWHA supports HWC’s efforts to build and reinforce a network organizing young people and mobilizing them for the right to health.
  • UHWC is a sister organization of HWC operating four medical centers, a day center and a hospital in Gaza. In addition, UHWC also stages cultural activities for the young.

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TWHA and its partners are members of the People's Health Movement (PHM), an international network that unites grassroots organizations, health activists and academics from more than 70 countries.