Human rights defenders in the Philippines under attack.


The government must go beyond health insurance program and strive to achieve the peo


The bill aims to institutionalize and enforce state obligations to provide protection to human rights defenders and to establish legal remedies for violations of the rights of the human rights defe


One Billion Rising is a global campaign to raise awareness and to demand a stop to violence against women, LGBT, and children.


The continuing imposition of martial law in the Philippine island of Mindanao has heightened political persecution of organizations critical of President Duterte's rule.


The bill’s approval is the result of more than a decade of mobilizations and lobbying efforts of Gabriela.


Despite the staggering statistics, the government has investigated a limited number of cases involving its forces perpetuating thus the climate of impunity as the President continues to egg the pol


The protest was the biggest so far during the two years of Duterte’s presidency as public satisfaction with Duterte&rsq


This indigenous knowledge, as more climate scientists have affirmed, will play a vital role in climate change assessment and adaptation efforts.


The anti-privatization bill aims to protect the right to health of the Filipinos, especially the poor, by maintaining and upholding the character of government hospitals and by prohibiting any form


In the face of worsening human rights situation in the Philippines and the increasing attacks on human rights defenders, the Kiyo, TWHA, Solidagro consortium partners have been working with progres


The Unity Eco-Walk highlights the importance of unity in defending the environment and the people's rights.


Defending human rights comes at too high a price especially when the President himself publicly displays his contempt for human rights, and had even threatened to shoot human rights defenders for c


Through Gabriela’s support, the women of Bulol Kilot will always be at the center of their community’s struggle.


The mood of this year's progressive social movement-led rally on President Duterte's second State of the Nation's Address was completely different from that of last year's which was


Duterte should immediately stop the killings and withdraw repressive State policies which perpetrate violations and constrict any certainty of punishment for the violators.


One year into his presidency, President Rodrigo Duterte's promise of change has yet to be fulfilled.

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"The military operation conducted in Marawi and Maguindanao openly announced by government to be an operation against the small Maute and other terrorist groups that they claimed to be aff


The progressive social movement continues to oppose President Duterte's declaration of martial law in Mindanao as it vowed to stage massive protests amidst the threat of extending the military


In a statement, TWHA partner Climate Change Network for Community-based Initiatives (CCNCI) has condemned President Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate agreement.


Progressive groups in the Philippines are calling human rights advocates all over the world to extend solidarity to the people of Mindanao and the whole country by calling on President Duterte to r


Rights advocates have joined together to stand up to the continuing human rights violations and impunity under the administration of President Duterte


"Despite attempts by the Philippine delegation to justify the Duterte administration’s war on drugs and to present a positive picture of its achievements on the political, economic, soci


Protests marked Labor Day in the Philippines


The UN Human Rights Council is set to review the Philippine government's human rights record on May 8 in Geneva, Switzerland, and Philippine partners, together with other human rights organizat

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Philippine TWHA-Solidagro-Kiyo consortium partners commemorated Earth Day with a forum on Climate Change, and by joining in the global March for Science.


Gabriela and the progressive social movement led rallies during the International Women's Day to call for land, jobs, justice and peace.


Groups belonging to the progressive social movement in the Philippines commemorate the International Human Rights Day with protests to denounce human rights abuses under the Duterte administra


The progressive social movement is up in arms over the sneaky burial of Philippine's former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.


The use of soldiers in pulling out Fabella Hospital's equipment is a clear attempt to intimidate the people opposing the closure of the hospital. - Save Fabella Hospital Movement


Gabriela supports the on-going peace talks between the government of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines as they take up fundamental social and economic reforms to


The Philippine’s long history of landlord abuse and repression of ordinary and unarmed peasants continues.


While the national government is resolutely trying to restrain the current mining industry's rapacious and destructive practices, the provincial board of Capiz treacherouly lifted the large-sca


The coalition will initiate lobby work on policy reforms and legislative agenda and will launch coordinated campaign activities to push for the implementation of the various issues and concerns sta


Gabriela is hoping that the health secretary's recent visit to Cuba will prompt her to abandon the previous administration's plan for the corporatization of Fabella Hospital.


The Jalaur megadam project in the Philippines has been promoted by the government to become a major source of irrigation and cheap and green electricity in the island of Panay, but people know that


Hopes are high for the new Duterte administration to push for genuine change.


TWHA partner Council for Health and Development (CHD) and various progressive health groups staged a protest-rally on May 26 to denounce the EU-Philippines Free Trade Agreement (FTA) which has been


The impending closure of Fabella Hospital reeks of privatization scheme of the current government as the progressive mass movements intensify their protest against such move.


“We want to tell you our stories because we want to raise our voice long silenced by the atrocities committed against the Dulangan Manobo by the company, its security forces and militia m


For the people's organization in the Advocates' (Advocates for Community Health) area in Juban, Sorsogon, movement-building is not just about marches and protests; it is also about building


With one voice shouting, "Justice to all the victims of human rights violations under the Aquino government!", thousands joined the protest-rallies organized by progressive social movemen


Apec’s thrust of global economic integration and the economic policies that underpin it—trade and investment liberalization, economic deregulation, and the privatization of public asset


Indigenous peoples in southern Philippines are facing spate of killings and violence in the hands of military and paramilitary groups due to their unyielding resistance against the encroachment of


The search for justice for the murdered Calago couple continues


The murder of Rosalie adds up to the increasing and intensifying attacks against health workers who are critical of government programs and policies and choose to serve the poor and the marginalize


TWHA Philippine partners held protests to condemn privatization of health care services


Gabriela asserts that the no home-birth policy of the national government will not solve the high maternal mortality rate in the Philippines rather it will compound the long festering problem of la


TWHA Philippine partners launched a book that discusses the impacts of privatization on people's access to health.


The number of Filipinos who are calling for their president's resignation due to incompetent governance and callous indifference to their suffering is steadily increasing.


Manilakbayan (Journey to Manila) is a long march from the island of Mindanao to the Manila, the country's capital, by more than 300 people belonging to various progressive and indigenous people


Health workers, professionals, employees and students belonging to various health organizations in the Philippines decried the administration of President Aquino for the worsening human rights situ


A newly formed network to tackle the impacts of climate change aims to contribute to efforts to reduce climate-related vulnerabilities and provide opportunities for exchange of experiences among si


People in Negros island, Philippines are stepping up their campaigns against large-scale mining by big local and transnational companies.


One of the highlights of Philippine President Benigno Aquino's European tour was the Public-Private Partnership Conference held in Brussel where he trumpeted his administration's PPP gains.


Community health workers who completed the basic health skills training conducted by the Council for Health and Development (CHD) vowed to lead health campaigns and educate, organize and mobilize m


While the President of the Philippines delivered his State of Nation Address (SONA), thousands of protesters gathered in the highway leading to the SONA venue, the House of Representatives.


Typhoon Haiyan victims are desperately resorting to borrowing from microcredit institutions as the national government continues to dilly-dally on its rehabilitation program, eight months after the


Some coastal villages in Yolanda-stricken areas in Roxas City, Panay in Western Visayas Region are facing demolition due to the national government's "no-dwelling zone" policy.

leaders of various progressive groups show their opposition to WEF

Ibon belied the Philippine government claim during the World Economic Forum that it is Asia's next miracle harping on the impressive economic growth which makes it the fastest growing economy i

Hans Schaap, responsable de pays pour M3M, reçoit la plaque d'appreciation

In recognition of its contribution to the relief and rehabilitation efforts for the victims of typhoon Yolanda(Haiyan), G3W recently received a plaque of appreciation from a network of health group