Vision and mission

Only strong social movements are capable of creating this sort of society.

Health is a concern we all share. It is also a fundamental right. Unfortunately, for most people this fundamental right is threatened by poverty, inequality, exploitation, or war.

A sustainable solution is possible when the economy and politics are at the people’s service and not at profit’s. Individuals, communities and countries in the South should also be able to take their destiny into their own hands. Sovereign development is a necessary condition for fair and healthy policies.

Only strong social movements are capable of creating this sort of society. Social movements are vital because they work from the grassroots and represent the voices of workers, farmers and the marginalized, because they are capable of enforcing the rights of these groups. South-south solidarity is an important supporting factor in this process.

Viva Salud is a Belgian NGO that originated from the conviction that every individual has a right to health. This is why we support the expansion of social movements in the South fighting for the right to health. In the Philippines, Palestine, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cuba, Laos and elsewhere, we provide our partners with advice and support, helping them build strong organizations. We also support them financially through the funds and donations we raise in Belgium. Furthermore, we back their political battles through our activities in Belgium and our international networking activities such as with the worldwide People’s Health Movement.

The expertise gathered in this process is put at the service of the movement for international solidarity in the North. The Intal and Cubanismo solidarity movements are our preferred partners. In the North, along with the social movements, we hope to mobilize people to turn Belgian and European policy against exploitation and repression and in favor of the right to health in the South.

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