What is Viva Salud?

TWHA is now Viva Salud!

Viva Salud is the new name for TWHA. The name sounds like a battle cry. The reference to health – 'salud' in Spanish – indicates that we persevere in the struggle for the right to health.

TWHA stands for Third World Health Aid, a name we have worn with pride for thirty years. But thirty years is a long time. A notion such as the Third World was very common at that time and everyone knew what it meant. It was a clear reference to global relations of exploitation and oppression. While the world hasn't changed in that respect, terminology did.

Moreover, also our organisation has evolved. Originally, the focus was on sending doctors and providing medical assistance. Over the years, attention has shifted to supporting the struggle for the right to health. Today, 'health aid' and medical activities are but one aspect of our work.

We also noticed that some people also mixed up our name with that of other health NGOs. Apparently, it wasn't easy to distinguish different organisations with similar missions.

When looking for a new name, we arrived at Viva Salud. It sounds like a battle cry and that's exactly what you would expect from a militant organisation like ours. We call on everyone to join us in the struggle

The name consists of two Spanish words, providing a reference to the global South.

Salud means health because that's what we're mobilizing for: The right to health for all.

In order to underline our name's meaning, we also added a new baseline to our logo: ‘United in the struggle for health’. That makes it crystal clear what we stand for.

We are not that kind of organisation that would spend a lot of money on 'branding' and 'marketing' and thus we keep it cheap and simple. Our apologies if you still see our old name here and there. Anyway, these small mistakes will largely be offset by the enthusiasm with which our friends and supporters call it far and wide: Viva Salud!