What we do

United for health

A healthy life for all

How often do we wish each other good health? Good health is fundamental to every human being and every community. It touches everyone. It is a fundamental right. In the third world this right is under increasing threat due to growing poverty, inequality, exploitation and war.

Not just fighting symptoms

Health is primarily determined by social, economic and political factors. As poverty and malnutrition threaten the health of landless farmers in countries like the Philippines, they unite and organize themselves in order to defend their rights.

Commitment to work at grassroots level

Our partners work with slum dwellers, poor farmers and workers. Health and development are not imposed from above but grow from the grassroots. This guarantees sustainable solutions. In Kinshasa (DR Congo) for example, our partners live and work in the middle of local neighborhoords and know the everyday concerns of the local community.