The countries we work in

Cuba and Latin America

A third world country with limited resources facing a suffocating American boycott, Cuba is always a source of inspiration. Cuba shows us how much can be achieved when health is high on policy makers’ agendas. The Movimiento para la Salud de los Pueblos (MSP) network enables Cuba and other progressive organizations in Latin America to exchange experiences.


DR Congo

Our partners join the Congolese people in championing real economic and political independence and basic democracy through health and training programs. TWHA has partners in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi.



70% of Filipinos never see a doctor. Our partners train health workers in villages and slums. But more importantly, our partners organize the people and help them claim their right to health.


The Palestinian people face daily confrontation with Israeli occupation, colonization and repression. TWHA supports Health Work Committees (HWC) which operates in East Jerusalem and on the West Bank. TWHA also supports HWC’s sister organization, Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC), which operates on the Gaza strip. Amidst blockades, military aggression and war, TWHA frequently supports UHWC with emergency aid.